About Us

Sekruryx is an emerging cybersecurity company that specializes in secure KVM technology. Our founders bring over 70 years of combined industry experience to the mission of providing quality security products at affordable prices. Sekuryx products are NIAP 4 certified and are designed, manufactured, and tested exclusively in the United States.

Why KVM?

A keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switch is a piece of hardware that allows a user to control multiple computers with a single keyboard, set of monitors, and mouse. In many environments this means switching between computers that have different levels of security requirements. Sekuryx manufactures secure KVM switches that provide the highest possible level of access point protection and prevent data transfer between computers on the same switch. Our products are certified under the NIAP Common Criteria PP 4.0. Maximize security for multiple computers and prevent data leaks while still allowing the flexibility and user convenience of an integrated KVM solution.